Assumed Google Ranking Factors

  • Core Web Vitals
  • Secured sites (HTTPS)
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Schema mark-up; video/event/recipe  (see
  • Website content quality & length
  • Page loading speed
  • Social signals & quality backlinks
  • Optimised images
  • Domain age & user experience (UX)

Again, I don’t know what the exact factors (known as signals) are that Google use, however, many smarter people have conducted tests to try and find out probabilities and these are likely to be the top ranking factors just now.

Google push out updates all the time, some small and some very big, so these could change overnight.

I could speak for an hour on each of those topics but this is a beginners guide so just bear in mind that SEO is lengthy process and you will have to touch on all these aspects and more.

James is going to explain and talk about technical SEO which covers some of these topics.

I am going to look a few things you can easily achieve around content

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